Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Rewards?

Free Rewards is website that delivers quality competitions, surveys, and freebies from trusted sources. All offers are 100% free and require no purchases or credit card. Our mission is to offer you rewarding online experience through free stuff.

Why should I sign up with Free Rewards?

By becoming a member at Free Rewards, you will have access to our weekly newsletter with an exclusive offer. This offer may not be available on our site, so don't miss out any winning opportunity. Plus, you will also be automatically included in our monthly prize draw.

Is my information safe from spammers?

DEFINITELY! We value your privacy and will never sell and share your information to third parties. We keep your information with the most advanced and secure technology to prevent any unauthorised access.

Why do I have to provide detailed information (e.g. income level, date of birth, etc) during registration process?

It is important if you can provide us with accurate information as we will be using it to deliver a more targeted offer to you based on your profile. However, this information is not compulsory during the sign-up process.

What will I get on my email if I sign up?

Members will have exclusive access to our new free offers and freebie of the week, which may not be available on our website. They can range from offer to enter competitions, completing surveys, or a simple sign up to get free stuff.

Are these offers free to join?

The decision is up to you as all of these offers are 100% free to enter. You will get nothing but the chance of winning the rewards and prizes by joining the competitions and surveys.

Do I get paid by filling online surveys?

We sometimes provide online surveys from companies that are willing to offer cash to survey participants. Make sure you keep an eye on this offer as it would mean a bonus offer for you.

Who can become a member at Free Rewards?

Ideally, you should be an Australian resident to join our membership. However, we do have some international freebies and competitions, so there is no reason for you not to join if you are from overseas.

Can I cancel my account with Free Rewards?

Yes, you just need to click on "Unsubscribe" link in our emails to you. Once you are unsubscribed, you will stop receiving our weekly email newsletter.

About Free Rewards

Free Rewards is the ultimate source for online freebies, surveys, and competitions, selected from trusted sources. We work with high quality partners to ensure that you will only receive the best free stuff from our website. Most of these offers can put yourself in the running of great cash and prizes. With FREE membership, you can sign up and start your own rewarding experience with Free Rewards.

As a member, you will receive our weekly newsletter where you will receive our exclusive offer of the week. This offer can range from winning a competition, get-paid survey, free games, or even free stuff online.

Alternatively, you can browse our website for a complete catalogue of various offers, including free games, samples, and trials. Our website is packed with information for each offer, so you simply need to select the one that interests you the most. Best of all, you don't need to use your credit card since all of our offers are 100% free to enter. All you have is the chance to win your free rewards and prizes.

At Free Rewards, we always believe the idea of sharing. Our objective is to share the free rewards that our members have received so far. So if you would like to be rewarded, join our community now and start your rewarding experience with Free Rewards.

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